True Blood, Season 4 – Waiting Sucks


So, HBO released a new promo for Season 4 of True Blood this weekend and it made me start to reflect back on one of my favorite shows ever. Yes, I know that vampires are cliché and that the acting is very cheesy in True Blood, but I do not care. Two summers ago I got laid off and I read Charlaine Harris’ entire Southern Vampire book series. The books read like violent, romance novels; which was everything I could hope for.

True Blood as a tv series is pretty amazing. It has violence, gore, nudity, sex, and romance; all done with terrible Southern accents, haha. While Season 2 kind of jumped the ship with the crazy, demon worship, Season 3 came back in a big way, which is why I am so excited about Season 4. The new season starts in June on HBO. Since the last season aired a year ago, I am going to catch up on Season 3 until the premiere of Season 4, while eagerly awaiting the fate of my favorite Vampire King of Louisiana.

True Blood is truly a guilty pleasure that I can get behind. Sometimes it is nice to escape your life with the ridiculousness of it all.

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