The Abrahammer: How Dubstep Music Destroyed My Life


The latest mix from The Abrahammer is a good mash-up mix. There are some samples that Girl Talk has used, but then again Girl Talk used samples that were previously used by Kid606 years before. Honestly, we’d rather hear mash-up than most of these original songs, because by now all of the originals have become so boring. For instance, would we ever listen to John Mellencamp? Hell no. Add his instrumentals to Jay-Z and ODB and that’s a different story though. To us, mash-up is like the future of DJing, unless you’re some kind of musical purist and you want to hear original songs untouched. If that’s the case, though, why not just listen to music at home? Most pop music is boring and mashing it up makes it more interesting. Wouldn’t even want to listen to these originals on their own because there’s nothing unexpected about them.

That Adele song – “Rolling In The Deep,” is super boring now. If it were edited and chopped up, then maybe we wouldn’t rather have silence than that playing.

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