Target’s New Bullseye University #BullseyeU



Be a part of Target’s new BULLSEYE UNIVERSITY. There are lots of exciting things on the horizon for all y’all whippersnappers, gearing-up for college!

In order to facilitate the new experience for college-bound kids across the country, Target has created a real, free-standing, live-streaming dorm structure populated with real roommates, live events and concerts, shoppable dorm items, and over 400 prize U-packs kids can win. Some of the roommates are popular YouTube personalities the audience can interact with via twitter. The dorm streams live for 90 hours straight at Target has designed these dorms with you — the customers — in mind! Let Target remember all the useful and essential things you’ll need to jump start your college experience. Why pack yourself or ask your parents to help you remember what you’ll need when Target has you covered?

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All things college have been packed (supplies, advice, new friends, events) into four full days, and are streaming live online at
o Timing: July 15-18th
o Viewers will have the opportunity to shop Target back-to-college products, enter for the chance to win prizes, interact with the roommates and participate in other interactive experiences.
o There will be scheduled activities and giveaways each day.
o Each day will feature a new innovative experience in the Bullseye University student lounge, sponsored by a Target brand partner
• Lounge partners are: Zipcar, Ben & Jerry’s, C9, Beats by Dre & MTV
o Over 400 “U-Pack” prize packs can be won by students who visit online.
• Prizes include everything from cases of candy bars to laptop computers, and there will be new sweepstakes happening all of the time.
o MTV Finale Fest (4 live band performances) MTV will bring four bands, selected through an online casting call, to perform for a live streamed concert on the evening of July 18. Students nationwide will be able to tune in via the live-stream at or to watch all four performances.

Kids today are online a lot, whether interacting with their peers or shopping. With the Bullseye University Digital Experience, Target brings our back-to-college assortment to life by showing the collection in an actual dorm room setting. Could it get any better?

Students can shop Target products, enter sweepstakes to win college gear, tune-in to and engage with live streaming events and more.

Guests will be able to shop online for a variety of Target products featured in each dorm room, from dorm décor to gadgets.

Key back-to-college product will be indicated with by a “hot spot” icon, allowing viewers to shop the product directly from

What’s the deal with the giveaway opportunities?
• More than 400 prize packs will be given away throughout the four days. There will be multiple opportunities to win, no matter what time of day viewers are on the site. Examples of prize packs include:
o Décor U – ottoman, bungee chair, stick lamp and picture frame
o ZZZ for U – bed-in-a-bag, pillows, bed bug protection pack
o Sweets for U – 12 bags Snickers bites, 20 snickers bars, cooler bag

Who are the roommates and how did you choose them?
• The Bullseye University Digital Experience will feature five “roommates” who will each inhabit a “dorm room” completely furnished and styled with shoppable Target merchandise.
• The roommates are a diverse group of well-known YouTube personalities, each chosen based on his or her online reach and appeal to college-aged guests.
• The five Bullseye University Live YouTube personalities are:
o Chester See
• A producer, actor, musician and entrepreneur who may be best known as a content creator on his self-titled YouTube channel /ChesterSee.
o Meekakitty
• Tessa Violet, also known as Meekakitty, started vlogging in 2007, loves playing guitar, debating sci-fi movies, making music videos, and talking about anything.
o Magic of Rahat
• Youtube’s premier magician and prankster. He exploded onto the scene with his video, “Invisible Driver Prank,” and has continued wow viewers with his unique combination of illusions, close-up magic, and hidden cameras.
o Dodger
• Brooke “Dodger” Leigh is obsessed with gaming, game culture and “nerd-craft” DIY. If your idea of fun is making laser swords, attempting the Ramen Challenge, and playing Dungeons and Dragons ‘til 4am, Dodger is your girl.
o Clothes Encounters
• Jenn Im recently graduated from UC Davis with a BA in communications. Her passion for fashion and self-expression led her to create a vlog of style musings, tutorials and lifestyle advice.

So, go above and beyond in your college preparation and cram it all into a 90 hour window. Target has your back this year, so by the time you get to college, you’ll have so much taken care of you’ll have more time to focus on picking-up some knowledge and feel awesome while doing it.


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