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Daily Cobra: 12.29.15


Party like its 2009! Exclusive from @Vice, learn how I changed the world forever.┬álink in bio A photo posted by thecobrasnake / mark hunter (@thecobrasnake) on Dec 20, 2015 at 12:04pm PST…(Read More)

We’re far enough into 2014 that by now the best albums of 2013 have been written about, dissected, ranked, and compared as thoroughly as any fan could want. By now, most of us are focused on the new releases scheduled for the year ahead. However, for one last look back at 2013’s most…(Read More)

So Kanye West’s forthcoming album Yeezus, set for release on 6.18.13, has a few good songs on it. Favorite? Probably between “On Site,” and “Guilt Trip.” Gotta side with Jon Dolan of Rolling Stone’s sentiments on the record: “immediately stunning […] he created a polarizing, multi-layered body of work that probably…(Read More)