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This article about genres is long overdue. First off, we’re tired of all the blanket genre labels that keep popping up. Take the genre “electro,” for example. Wikipedia lists so-called “electro” artists such as DMX Krew, Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa, Cylob and even Cat Stevens as artists related to the genre. Electro isn’t…(Read More)

Since the definition of what a hipster is can get kind of ambiguous, we found this handy project by Jessica Lehrman to help elaborate on some of the hipster variants. She does a pretty good job. Note the photos of Theophilus London later in the clip, although we have to say, we cringe at the…(Read More)

Secret Mommy, aka Andy Dixon, is a Canadian musician and graphic designer, who gained notoriety as a member of the North Vancouver punk rock band d.b.s. He founded the record label Ache Records, and later played in The Red Light Sting. Beginning in 2003, during the final months of The Red Light Sting…(Read More)

Squarepusher, or Tom Jenkinson, is an British electronic music artist signed to Warp Records. He writes experimental electronic music, drawing a lot of influence from drum and bass and jazz. Jenkinson was born in Chelmsford, Essex in 1975 and studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design. At shows, Jenkinson often uses a…(Read More)

We just discovered the awesome twosome that is Lazer Sword. Their record, “Blap To The Future Megamix,” blows anything Girl Talk has done out of the water. Of course, perhaps Lazer Sword is more comparable to The Glitch Mob, but what they’re doing with the techie style of glitch hip-hop is innovative and…(Read More)

So we just came across two artists that we’re pretty into. You know those moments where you hear tracks and straight from the beginning you know you’re onto something? That’s the impression we got with Lunice and Lazer Sword. More from Lazer Sword to come. “Hood Rich [Chilly C]:” [audio:04 – hood…(Read More)