Superdry: All the Best Jackets Come from the UK


For years I’ve believed that the hottest jackets and coats come from the UK. There’s not really an explanation behind that aside from press photos of musicians–usually electronic artists or drum and bass producers. Of course, drum and bass / electronic music are way more popular in the UK than in the US, although the scenes for that music have grown drastically in the big cities in America over time. Now we’re seeing a mix of pop and electronic music. Why wouldn’t our music advance like our technology? But alas, digression.

One brand that especially caught our attention is Superdry. First off, love the logo. Japanese characters have looked cool for years in fashion: if placed correctly. Also, in light of the recent disasters that have stricken Japan, we should all be more mindful of the country, even if that’s not what the people behind Superdry had in mind when designing their logo. Overall, we’ve seen a trend of mending old and new from Superdry. For instance, take some classic looks like bomber or patrol jackets, then hype them up with interesting seams, zippers and so on. They don’t go over the top though.

Another thing. The jacket has to fit properly. No more over-sized stuff like we saw in the 80’s and 90’s. Those days are over. If you’re a baller, you can afford to buy clothes that fit you rather than wearing an older siblings’ hand-me-downs. Looking good isn’t about having money though, that much is true. Having cash to burn on clothes is a nice luxury though.

Big fans of the Superdry site. They never let us down for the latest in fresh gear. Although, it’s too bad we live in LA, because it pains us every time we remember how sound the Pound is (1 British pound sterling = 1.6368 US dollars). Oh well, the fact that America’s economy is in rehab is a whole other issue.

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