Stay Toasty: Men’s Hoodies


In the same vein as the earlier post about jackets, we figured we’d discuss some Men’s Hoodies worth checking out. Always down for another comfortable hoody. Depending where you live, Spring is a good time for rocking these because it’s not quite cold enough to warrant a warm jacket, but it’s too cold to just leave the house with just a shirt. Again, we figured we’d get our import on, and found some nice ones at

Seems like they’ve got lots of surf gear. In California, we’re bombarded with that stuff, so it’s interesting to check out some styles in that area from Europe. Plus, wearing surfer clothes in CA that you bought here is kind of cliché, so get it popping with some global variety.

At any rate, the trend of hoodies with patterns and alternate colors on the inner lining seems to be the best way to go. Much less boring than wearing a hoodie that is just all one color, although that’s fine too. It’s all about the layered look and the layers though. Layers means more control over how hot or cold you are, but still looking good in the process. Also, designs on the fronts of hoodies can go a long way these days, but aren’t a must. Personally, if something is going to get stamped on a top, we’d like it to be something kind of weird or that throws others off. That’s just our taste though. Encouraging people to question things, especially when expressing yourself with fashion or art. That’s why it’s important to spend time thinking about stuff like this.

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