Sneakers: Let’s Get It Poppin’ Like It’s New Year’s Eve


So we all know that kids these days are drawn to some flashy kicks. Everyone is trying to fit some conventions while simultaneously keeping their wardrobe unique. What’s that old saying? You can tell what kind of person someone is by the shoes they wear? Without going into psychobabble it’s probably fair to say that’s true in most cases, or at the very least, you can guess at least a few traits about a person from their shoes.

One trend we’ve been seeing is the 80’s have been coming back for the past 10 years or so. That pretty much goes out with saying. It’s funny though, will anything from the 90’s ever come back into fashion and will people think, “Man, that’s really 90’s?” Lots of events happened in the 90’s but did anything happen that was really as interesting as what happened in previous decades? Only time will tell, but we think that the 90’s were pretty unremarkable in terms of fashion.

So, first off, we’ve got a pic of a bunch of different styles of mostly Nikes in a shoe store in Oslo, Norway. If you live in the U.S. and you’re into sneakers, you probably know that lots of unique cuts and designs of kicks are available in other countries. From Europe to Japan to Mexico: check the uniqueness in this store. Different countries call for different designers by default, and designers from foreign countries means exotic results.


We don’t know exactly where the shoes below were found, but we’re willing to venture a guess that those shoes were not purchased in the US.


Ah yes. Good old Sauconys. We were wearing Saucony shoes back in 1993 and cannot recall really seeing any hipsters around back then. Somewhere along the line, though, Saucony blew up right along with New Balance to become a trendy brand of shoes. One thing we’ll say about Sauconys though: they’re damn comfy! Light and comfortable is what makes wearing a pair of running shoes so great. However, this also means that you’ll be seeing faster wear and tear, regardless of how much you beat up your shoes.


The photo below peers inside at the collection of the “Short run, limited edition shoe” store, Hype DC, in Melbourne. Unfortunately, you can’t order shoes directly from Hype DC online, so you’ll have to take a trip to Australia if you want to buy from their collection. Straightaway you can tell they have a wide array of Adidas, Nike, Asics and Puma shoes. Definitely worth stopping by if you happen to be down under. mikeyROCKS of The Cool Kids took the opportunity while down there, so you can probably get some official shoes there, no doubt. Note: Australia is also where the popular sneaker magazine Sneaker Freaker is located.


Next we have some beat-up, checkered All-Star-looking shoes. Not so into the whole checkered look ourselves. We try to keep it more futuristic, but if you’re into that whole 50’s nonsense, go for it. We really despise fashion from the 50’s though. All that rockabilly crap is just worthless if you ask us, but hey, to each their own.

There you go. Nothing like sticking some fresh sneakers in a nasty drainage tube that has tagging on its walls. We like the Nikes in the back more, but both are stylin’. Not sure about the no-sock plus ankle bracelet look though. We don’t know about you but you can get some serious chafe and blister action if you wear ankle socks that are too short. That’s why we always rock tube socks pulled up to our knees, you know, tennis style: for the softest of sensitive ankles.


It’s a double-whammy: checkered shoes plus red Converse All-Stars (or as director Spike Lee likes to call them: “cons:” see the Behind The Scenes Dwayne Wade Spike Lee Converse Ad below the pic).


For some reason we can’t escape thoughts about The Wizard of Oz here. Right, we know Dorothy’s shoes were red, but it must have something to do with the whole magic and yellow brick road part. Madonna has a pair of gold pumps that she refers to as her “Wizard of Oz shoes,” according to Elle magazine. So, could it be that the hipster version of Wizard of Oz Shoes is some funky skateboarding design, rather than pumps?


More cons. Not sure if we’re feeling the whole mismatched sock thing. It almost makes it look as though his shoes are on the wrong feet. That’s some optical illusion business. Oh, the irony of mixing something preppy like an argyle pattern with some All Stars. Those shoes sure are worn out too. Are we noticing a trend of worn-out shoes? You be the judge.


Okay, these scruffy shoes were clearly taken at the same location as the last. The coolest thing about these Adidas kicks is the fact that they say Tron. Although the shoes are nearly worn to death, the film definitely isn’t. You’re aware that Jeff Bridges is in Tron, right? If you love The Big Lebowski, you should revisit Tron. It’s still a great movie after all these years.


Some kind of wild Air Max shoes. Brown polka dots aren’t for us, but the shoes are unique nevertheless. We’re not sure that they’re hot enough to showcase in your window and take an artsy photo of them, but, whatever.

We like all the colors in this pic. Really showing off the styles with some flash. The Pumas on the bottom right were pretty popular. Best shoes in the pic? Probably between the Adidas kicks in the middle and the Nikes on the left. You decide.


And finally, we come to the bright neon Reeboks snapped with a phone camera. Would you be bold enough to wear these? Velcro instead of laces are a must. Why did Velcro die the way it did with sneakers? Respect to Reebok for bringing back Velcro (albeit with pleather), but hey, we don’t live in a perfect world.


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