Newcastle Brown Ale: Walk The Dog Day [9/24/11 – Alex’s Bar – Long Beach, CA – Recap]


This past Saturday was the inaugural Newcastle Brown Ale “Walk The Dog” day, an annual event. In the UK, people affectionately refer to Newcastle Brown Ale as the ‘Dog.’ The euphemism of “Walk the Dog” originated in Newcastle, UK, and is code for heading over to the local pub for a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale. Trying the patience of significant others for years now, this drinking excuse has become an English classic.

The event was awesome. There was a sizeable turnout at Alex’s Bar, also known as Fangtasia or the vampire bar in the Showtime series True Blood. For just a minimum donation of $1 to the Los Angeles Art Association at the door, attendees gained access to plenty of complimentary Newcastle Brown Ale, food, live entertainment by LA-based band: Superhumanoids, free Newcastle shirts and accessories, and a professional photo booth. Naturally, everyone had a great time. With the temptation of that much complimentary Newcastle, it was hard to avoid getting a bit tipsy.

Newcastle really went all out and made it easy to enjoy the entertainment with a comfortable Ambiance created by Alex’s Bar. Alex’s is a fairly universal venue; so, if you’re looking to party and have fun, you should definitely check-out the place if you haven’t already.

Below are photos from the event and four videos from Superhumanoids. The sound of their live show was spectacular and is definitely worth seeing in person, even if you already love their music.

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