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Revolutionizing the smoking-alternative industry one non-toxic shisha at a time is fledgling venture Healthy Hookah Jam – the premier, guilt-free indulgence for smokers and non-smokers alike. A tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and tar-free option for those who enjoy the Hookah experience but don’t want to face the risks, Healthy Hookah Jam is a certified non-tobacco vendor ready to positively impact the way smoking is viewed in mainstream society. Perfectly coinciding with the holidays, the forthcoming Healthy Hookah Jam Starter Kit is an ideal gift for anyone who partakes in the practice of smoking hookah but is seeking a healthier alternative.

Manufactured exclusively in the United States, each starter kit contains five different flavors, Healthy Hookah Jam’s patented bowl piece, and a complimentary hose to optimize the smoking experience. Composed with food-based ingredients, the jam is available in mixable flavors mint, grape, bubblegum, strawberry and apple, and in two different strengths – regular and strong. One package of Healthy Hookah Jam lasts approximately one to two hours and only requires one charcoal, effectively eliminating added toxins from the social ceremony of smoking. Affordable, beautifully packaged, and compatible with e-cigarettes, the Healthy Hookah Jam Starter Kit is the perfect addition to any holiday gift guide.

As the tradition of smoking hookah in groups rises in popularity and enjoyment during the holidays while gathered with friends and family, Healthy Hookah Jam seeks to optimize the experience by appealing to a wide variety of individuals. By eliminating the addictive properties of smoking hookah, Healthy Hookah Jam offers a healthy substitute for hookah lounges and their ever-growing customer base.

Do yourself and your loved ones a flavored favor this season and join the smoking-alternative revolution led by the pioneering company behind Healthy Hookah Jam. For a quick + fun demonstration – be sure to check out the Healthy Hookah Instructional video.

Healthy Hookah Jam kicks off their quest on Monday December 5th, where their highly-anticipated crowdfunding endeavor will open on platform Indiegogo. Stay in the loop as Healthy Hookah Jam aims to set the world ablaze – for more info surrounding the upcoming Indiegogo campaign, visit the Healthy Hookah Jam website.

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