Hipsterwave Model: Laura Elisa


We’re kicking-off a model series for the site.

Meet our first model: Laura Elisa.

There’s an association between music and other forms of art and what’s more unique than a person? LuckyMe is right on with their models and mixtape series. That was part of our inspiration for sure. At the same time, we agree with what Unit once said in one of his interviews when asked why he made his album cover art braille for “unit:” music isn’t about sight. You can be blind and still appreciate music. So fuck sight. The whole idea that musicians themselves have to be attractive just isn’t true, but it seems like there’s a tendency for people to categorize things. Beautiful things go together. Maybe that’s why music videos are typically packed with all kinds of eye candy.

We hope you find the music on the site aesthetically pleasing, but also want to show you interesting art, fashion, photography and so on at the same time. Enjoy!



See more of Laura Elisa at lauraelisa.com or at modelmayhem.com/lauraelisa.

Special thanks to Phil for getting us in touch, Blast Em Photography, and of course thank you Laura!

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