Grey’s Anatomy: Bon Iver Track Used Once Again


So, we just happened to be watching the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy tonight, entitled “Beat Your Heart Out,” and we noticed that they selected Bon Iver’s “Re: Stacks” from the record For Emma, Forever Ago. As far as we knew, Bon Iver is popular, but not so popular to be selected for a Grey’s Anatomy episode soundtrack. Although, this tends to be a trend with the music we listen to though: it crops up on TV shows and commercials after we notice it. That’s how it appears anyway.

For your ears:

“Re: Stacks:”

[audio:09 re stacks.mp3]
6 Responses to "Grey’s Anatomy: Bon Iver Track Used Once Again"
  1. Also, this post is silly. I know, I know, it's 2012 and this was posted in 2009. Possibly, no one though to tell you how pretentious and ridiculous this was three years ago. You "just happened" to be watching Grey's Anatomy? And the show just happened to feature a Bon Iver song the exact episode you happened to be watching? Okay. For Emma had been out for two years prior to that episode. It's no wonder that a TV show that prides itself on featuring new and relevant music would also "know about" Bon Iver.

    I just happened to be curious as to which Grey's episode featured a Bon Iver song in it and I found this post. Which actually makes sense, unlike your super hip claim that you don't really watch the show.

    I'm sure you're super displeased about the popularity Bon Iver has enjoyed since this post. Because, obviously, if a lot of people like an artists, they must suck?

    • Lol. well… to address your last question, not at all! If a lot of people like a band, the stance I take is that they’re making a lot of money and I don’t really hold it against them for selling out necessarily. Just because Timbaland might get paid $500,000 per track because he’s almost guaranteed to make a beat catchy enough to become a radio hit doesn’t mean he’s not a talented producer. In fact, he’s a genius producer. So, talent shouldn’t be ignored just because it’s palatable to the masses.

      Then again, it’s undeniable that there are tons of artists out there that are extremely talented, yet go unnoticed. No doubt there are some artists who might not truly become famous until years later because they make music that’s ahead of our time… but too unconventional for the average person to like.

      *grin* The honest response about Grey’s Anatomy is that it’s just one of those shows I’d never watch but for having a girlfriend. Relationships are about sacrifice. :) Grey’s Anatomy was a hot show back in ’09 though.

      Heard the Bon Iver song for the first time on that Grey’s Anatomy episode. Shame shame… I know my name.

  2. To be fair (although it is years later), I believe "bon hiver" is the correct phrase, and Bon Iver is a play on that. On a mistake that he went with.

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