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It has been five years since an album has been released by EGADZ! aka Erik Nava, and now he’s retiring the EGADZ! moniker with the album “Egadz is Dead,” which is dropping September 15th! Lots of favorites on the release, including “Have Some Guts Kid,” “Tin Foil,” “No More Double Time,” “Something Old Something New,” and of course the two leaked tracks available for download below, “Going Home,” and “Glock Out.”


EGADZ! already has a global following from the popularity of his records “Monotony” and “Shining Hours.” Like so many musicians of his ilk, Nava’s tracks are hard to pin down to a single genre, but have a truly organic feel. If you’re looking for awesome editing, raw beats and melodic synth melodies, definitely check Nava’s work out. For the regulars here, hopefully it’s obvious by now that we love abstract / alternative hip hop tracks with solid electronic influence combined with various other influences. So, if you’re also into that, “Egadz is Dead” should sit well with you. Definitely peep Nava’s skills on the MPC below, which speaks to his pure musical ability in and of itself. Maybe that’s why it has over 167,381 views to date.

EGADZ! started off the year with a three week tour with Restiform Bodies of Anticon and is rumored to be collaborating with Sole on a full length project, one of the founders of Anticon Records (much respect to Anticon, by the way). Most recently he got back from a three week headlining southwest US tour, during which he blasted up the place at Daddy Kev’s “Low End Theory.” If that weren’t impressive enough, EGADZ! also has had major licensing deals with DC Shoes/Subaru/ESPN/Fuel TV.

Future plans for EGADZ! involve moving on to his new project, “NAVA,” which he’s currently looking to sign with a label.

More on EGADZ!:

Since 2002, DJ Egadz released 2 projects with digital distribution and continued to play shows with many of the hip hop acts that are still popular today, such as Aesop Rock, Sole, Typical Cats, WHY?, Kool Keith and Glue. He’s gone on tour with Alias & Tarsier, Josh Martinez, and AntiMC of Mush Records and on another North/South/West tour with Telephone Jim Jesus of Anticon. In the summer of 2007 EGADZ! toured most of the United States opening for Sleep of Oldominion, now Strange Famous, Glue and other local acts.

In early 2008, EGADZ! created another label, Kid Without Radio, which hosts a handful of other talented producers. Egadz dropped the DJ part of his name, added an exclamation point and released “Shining Hours”, a collection of all of the Egadz tracks from 2004-2005.

Over the course of the last four years EGADZ! has made much more of a name for himself with digital media campaigns, videos, licensing and extensive touring. This year EGADZ! has plans to release the first full length album since 2005, called Egadz is Dead, an album built from a much larger, more explosive sound than any preceding it.

“Going Home:”

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“Glock Out:”

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Past press quotes:

“Egadz brand of electronica is elusive and so akin to Aphex Twin. The California native doesn’t eclipse dude, but he does put forth an equally atypical and awesome sound.”

“When you can evoke emotion without words you’re doing something right”

“Egadz stands in the shadow of shadow, but does a fair job of shining the light on something exciting, if not entirely new”

“This San Diego native’s first contribution is up there with Quannum, Heiro, Defari, Dilated, Ras Kass, and the rest of the West Coast elite.”

“Dude is AMAZING”
-Strictly Beats

“Breaks down how live drumming should be done.”
-Crate Kings

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