Dominion (Exclusive): Shadow Play EP


This coming Winter Music Conference (WMC), only select DJs will be receiving copies of this drum and bass compilation produced by Dominion and Godfather Sage. With an intro track fit for a professional sound studio and four tracks reminiscent of producers such as Dom & Roland, Ed Rush & Optical, Konflict and Noisia: the trio are onto something with the EP. With a lively variety of samples, including those from the film The Professional and custom samples from private recording sessions of Godfather Sage, the beats and basslines aren’t all that’s rocking in the compilation.

Breaktheory: One member of the Dominion duo is known for writing catchy basslines, as well as sound design, and mixing/mastering capabilities. It was his involvement that made the use of Machine Head Studios in Los Angeles possible for both the early and final stages of the compilation’s production. You’d be hard-pressed to find sound processing and manipulation or samples quite like Breaktheory’s with any other artist. BKY drops it like it’s hot, exploring new, creative areas in sound. Currently, Breaktheory is working on a dark ambient record that’s atonal, esoteric and of course: beatless. Watch for the forthcoming release.

Clay Nyse: The other mind behind Dominion. Recognized for his excellent beat programming in the tracks, Nyse’s beats are water tight and will leave you nodding to the precision. Clay Nyse has good taste in drum and bass–classic and new–which surely affects the flavor of any track or beat pattern he writes. Clay Nyse also happens to be a professional graphic designer, designing the fliers in his spare time for lots of big name shows on the East Coast. If you’re active in the East Coast rave scene, you’ve probably seen Nyse’s artwork.

Godfather Sage: The man himself. If you know GFS’ sound, you’ll hear it in everything he has touched in the compilation. With such an eclectic taste in different styles and genres, and countless hours spent in the studio, Godfather Sage has really nailed a sound that is truly his and his alone. Soulful, jazzy, international vibes: say hello to drum and bass and hip hop. Give him any sound and a studio and Godfather Sage will own it before the day is done.

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