DESIGNBYHÜMANS: Our Latest Discovery In Graphic Tees.


DESIGNBYHÜMANS (“DBH”) is pretty awesome. In their words, it’s an “ongoing t-shirt design competition community where artists and t-shirt lovers can create, buy, and talk about art and t-shirts.” See what we mean by awesome now?

Graphic tees are a great conversation starter. It’s pretty much human nature to express yourself in the clothes you wear, no matter how conscious you are of your style. Essentially, DBH executed the terrific idea of a social network-based (or Web 2.0) shirt storefront. Yep, you can login with your facebook account, so you can easily share your shirts with friends.

Yes, there have been other sites in the past where you could design your own shirt and show it to friends, but DBH has more focus on the creative and communal aspects of shirt design than any site we know.


You want a photo of a cat photo layered so that its fur is an image of space? They got you.

Then again, maybe you want a shirt that has the number “69,” on it that isn’t quite legible at first or even second glance. “Hey, what’s that on your shirt, some logo?” — “No. It says ’69’.” Boom, already you and the person you’re talking to are thinking about sex. Perverts!

Who knows, maybe you like wearing ironic stuff, and you’d love a shirt with Che Guevara with Braveheart-style face paint. They’ve got you there too.


Maybe you love marsupials, or are just terrified of gorillas, and you’d rather see a giant pink Koala bear scaling buildings than King Kong on your shirt.

Thx to DESIGNBYHÜMANS for sending us a couple free shirts! Don’t you dare call us biased. Don’t you dare.

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