CocoMazing: Sparkling Coconut Beverages Bursting with Flavor #SipTheZing


It’s a hot summer and that makes it even more important to stay hydrated while you’re out and about, whether at the club, a festival, the game, or wherever you find yourself. Too many beverages these days are loaded with unnecessary calories, so it’s always nice to discover a healthy alternative that doesn’t have gobs of sugar inside, yet still tastes delicious.

Enter CocoMazing, the Sparkling Organic Coconut Water Beverage. This latest discovery is delicious to enjoy alongside meals or by itself, without adding all that extra sugar. Why drink a bottle of something loaded with sugar that rots your teeth when you could have something just as tasty and eat something with real nutritional value instead? Also tastes great mixed with some vodka.

Each bottle of CocoMazing has only 45 calories and 9 grams of sugar, contains 45% juice, and comes in three tangy flavors: Cherry Pomegranate, Limon and Blood Orange.

CocoMazing is organic, GMO-free, gluten free, and has no preservatives. Get your healthy delicious on with CocoMazing, which will be hitting more stores soon. Already available at all Central Market locations in Texas, Visit CocoMazing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be notified of new places to purchase some of the refreshing bubbly drinks.

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