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“If I Could Say I Love You:”

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Canadian electronic musician Venetian Snares–Aaron Funk,¬†born January 11,¬†1975–composes much of his music with trackers. Before he began to release his music commercially, he worked primarily with OctaMED on an Amiga 500. At some point prior to 2000, he began…(Read More)

Richard David James (born 18 August 1971), aka Aphex Twin, is an electronic musician. He founded the record label Rephlex Records in 1991 with friend Grant Wilson-Claridge. Many would agree that Aphex Twin has had influence in the work of a number of electronic musicians; however, his more modern music has gone down the…(Read More)

WTF Is Velapene Screen?


Velapene Screen is New York and Los Angeles-based artist Chris Ghiraldi. Velapene has been around for the better part of 10 years. His style is hard to define, but certainly falls within the electronic genre. Known for his remixes and carefully programmed songs, Velapene has been mentioned in Time Out Magazine and Rolling Stone…(Read More)

Hello, His Name Is: Unit


Unit (aka Cristian Fleming) is an electronic musician based in New York City. Unit began releasing electronic music officially at the age of 25, although he had musical involvement for many years prior, playing bass guitar at 17, and began working on electronic music at the age of 18. Unit has toured at various venues…(Read More)