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NAIA by NAIA Very impressive forthcoming release on Noisy Med recs. Available for pre-order here. NAIA is a global experimental collaboration between vocalist Malena PĂ©rez (P-Vine, Mobilee, Objektivity) and electronica/bass producers FIRST AID, Stiver, Godfather Sage and blacksix. Moody, reflective and deep, the first release is a four-track downtempo EP…(Read More)

P.E.A.C.E. by Godfather Sage Come get some. Godfather Sage’s highly anticipated single “P.E.A.C.E.” is not just a piece of music but a positive manifesto for life. Inspired by the hardships of the modern world and the will to rise above them, Sage delivers a potent message…(Read More)

A Better Day by Godfather Sage x FIRST AID Expect the best in melodies, beats and harmony throughout this classy sounding EP, which was written by two collaborating artists from Baltimore, MD and Seoul, Korea. The end result of this unusual geographic collaboration is a unique record that meets and exceeds expectations whether listening on…(Read More)