Athletic Mic League: Bangers Starring Buff1


Baller ass video for a baller ass song. This is exactly how we feel about the radio, too. If you didn’t watch the video to get that, in short, we think the radio is terrible. We’re with you on that one Buff1. All the way.

Maybe one of the worst things about the radio is the fact that so many people just swallow the music that’s played on it because they want to fit-in, are too insecure, or worst of all they just don’t care enough about music to find songs they really love. We found this video because Mayer Hawthorne is the DJ for the Athletic Mic League and we think Hawthorne is approaching music from a really unique angle. It’s interesting how artists like Jamie Lidell and Mayer Hawthorne are cropping up: fusing soul and jazz with electronic music and or hip hop. We’re all about interesting music. Mixing genres can work out in great ways sometimes.

The samples frequently used by J. Dilla in this track are also a bonus. How about that beat, too? The clap-snare action works well in this one.

Always good things from Detroit.

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