We’re based in Philly and LA. We publish content we think is universally likable. Everyone’s taste is different, of course, but we aim to bring the freshest music and content to you via hook-ups we’ve established since the site was created in December 2008.

Ironically, we don’t claim we discovered all the cool bands before they were cool. We don’t always wear Converse shoes, flashy nerdy glasses, or skinny jeans. We also don’t always choose PBR when presented with a selection of brew. Nevertheless, we like fashion and find that in the search for better music there will always be subcultures and trends. That’s history.

The goal here is to siphon-off interesting parts of culture–like music, fashion, parties and gadgets, which we’re so tied to, and publish the result for you aesthetically on all your devices in hopes that it will help you in your perpetual endeavor to always…

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